Spells, Rituals, Potions, Sacrifices & Prayers

Now the spectrum of human experiences is far and wide but do not for a second think that there is not a solution for yourself. Whatever the problem is, know that their is a solution for you. Whatever your race, colour or religion know that spiritualism is for you. It knows no boundaries across the human spectrum.

All Spells and Rituals are crafted using my expert Spell Crafting and Spell Weaving skills. Spells and Rituals are designed to suite your specific needs and to create the result you desire. All Spells are cast with utmost care ensuring you receive its full potential.

Below is a list of examples of Spells, Rituals and Prayers. However, they may not be a Spell listed for your problem. Do not be disheartened as Spells are crafted to suite your specific need. Details surrounding peoples problems differ from person to person hence Spells and Rituals are crafted around your specific problem or situation.

Medicines and Potions also available. View Our Warnings As Well. Get In Touch With Us for any questions.


Lutchmee Prayers: For Fortune, Wealth and Prosperity

Ganesha Prayers: Removes obstacles and clears your path to success. Also, an excellent prayer before you embark on a journey

Kali Prayers: Sacrificial offerings of goats and sheep. Very powerful in bringing you what you want and also for destroying your enemies

Calling of the Spirit of Mother Kali: Ask questions you need answers to. Your questions will be answered promptly and solutions to your problems will be given

Mothers Blessings: Receive Blessings from Mother Kali, Mother Lutchmee, and also from Shri Ganesha.

Home/Business Cleansing

Cleanse you Home or Business of all negativity. Have your home and business Purified and Blessed and free of all negativity. This ritual will bring happiness and success to your home and family. Family and business issues will dissolve away.

Home & Business Binding

Bind your business or home creating a powerful barrier around your house that prevents negativity from entering. A cleansing is recommended first.


Protection from Bad Dreams. Keep your children's dreams free and peaceful. End all bad dreams they may be having and keep their sleep peaceful.

Maybe your child is not eating or crying all the time. Whatever the problem is don't hesitate to call.

Having problems with a growing child. Has your child run away? Whatever the problem is I Shanthi Singh can help you so don't let it be too late.


Is your heart aching to have your lover back. Be careful what you do. The situation Is very sensitive. Call myself Shanthi NOW! before it is too late.

Would you like to have that rich man or woman? Don't for a second believe that you can't. You CAN have the life you dream of. Don't hesitate act now.

Is your marriage falling apart and you don't know what to do. Don't stress Shanthi has a solution for you.

Cant find the right one for you? Let that person come to you. You will know if it is the right person.

Did doctors say that you can't have a baby? Have you been trying for a while with no results? Call NOW!!!

Have things been stolen from you? Reveal who the culprit is and have your things can come back to you.

Forever: Bind your husband or lover to you in love Forever.

Heal my relationship/marriage: Is your marriage or relationship falling apart. Mend your relationship and keep the bond between the two of you strong.

Remove Witchcraft/Tokoloshe etc: Remove all kinds of Witchcraft and Black Magic that is destroying your life.

Send Back: Not Recommended for your own safety.

Destroy your enemies and defeat your Rival: Destroy your enemies or defeat your rival and become the winner.

Whatever your Problem I Shanthi Singh has got a solution for you.

Protection from evil spirits and bad luck: Protect yourself from all negativity and bad luck.

Win at Casino, Lotto, Horses etc: Improve your luck and win.

Call Your Ancestors and speak to them, ask for what you want, Do not hesitate.

Get Rid of a jealous lover: Get rid of that jealous lover forever and get yourself that right man / woman for yourself.

Self Development or Personal Success: Become the person you want to be.

Forgive Me: Let the person concerned forgive you unconditionally.

Business Tenders etc: Win that tender and boost your business. Don't hesitate call now.

Attract, Attract, Attract: Attract abundance in all aspects of your life or as you so desire.

Fame And Fortune: Become Famous and Popular. Attract riches and abundance. Let all those you come across love and respect you.

Well the list goes on. There are many more Spells and Rituals Available as well I can specifically craft and design a Spell for you. So do not hesitate to express your problem to me as I have a solution for you.

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