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Indian Spiritualist Healer, Traditional Healer And Psychic
Call or WhatsApp NOW for a FREE READING on
084 452 8075 or 062 253 6077
indian spiritualist healer

We traditional Indian spiritualist healer

Hi, My Name is Shanthi Singh and I am an Indian Spiritualist Healer, Traditional healer, and Psychic Reader. I was born in Durban South Africa and have lived there all my life. However, you can read more about myself on my Indian Spiritualist Healer - about page.

Why Shanthi Singh?

Firstly I am an Indian Spiritualist Healer. I have been gifted with the spirit of a Powerful Indian Goddess, Mother Kali since the age of 9. Secondly, I have studied African Traditional Healing under apprenticeship and I am now a certified African Traditional Healer. Thirdly I am a gifted psychic reader and my reading ability is rarely matched. Give me a call for a free Reading anytime you like and experience it for yourself. I am a professional with a personal touch and I enjoy helping others. I keep every counseling session in the highest of confidence. I am very reliable and always successful at solving and providing solutions for people's problems and I have helped many along the way.

I am a master spell weaver and can craft spells especially designed for your specific needs.

What is It?

You want something so desperately but it seems always out of your grasp, outside your ability to reach. What do you do?

Well you can call Shanthi Singh. It is within your ability to reach and grasp. You just need a little help and support from Shanthi Singh.

What Goes Wrong?

Well, basically it is negativity. But what is negativity? Negativity is an unseen force that works against you, to bring you unhappiness. Now negativity works in many ways, ways that are seen and unseen. Obstacles appear on your path to love, success, happiness, wealth etc. Your mind loses focus or you lose control of the situation or your life or you don't get what you want. It can affect your life as well it can affect you physically and mentally.

Obstacles, both seen and unseen, brought on by negativity, come in many forms. Bad luck, bad decisions, bad people, bad advice, negative feelings, negative thoughts, doubts, etc.

What Can You Do About It?
Well if you think there is nothing you can do about it then I think you should give myself Shanthi Singh a call or WhatsApp, on 062 253 6077 or 084 452 8075. Send a photograph of yourself or any others in question via WhatsApp, SMS, Email, I will give you a free reading. Many things will be revealed about yourself, your life, your problem and the people in your life as well. You will know how to end your problem or get what you want and the procedure you will have to follow to achieve success.

The Procedure

A Reading will unravel the story and enlighten you. You will be made aware of who your enemies are as well as your present and future obstacles will be revealed.

The procedure thereafter requires the choosing of spells, rituals or a set of spells and rituals, depending on the problem. Specially crafted spells or rituals may be required if your situation requires them. When these are performed you are on your way to a new and improved you, successful in your endeavor and full of positivity and happiness.

Many are now believing in the power of Witchcraft, Spiritualism and African Traditional healing. The evidence is clear through out the world and all of my clients have achieved complete success. Many of my clients have regular readings done to secure their future as they live their lives.

Call or WhatsApp NOW for a FREE READING on
084 452 8075 or 062 253 6077

Psychic Readings

Readings will make it clear to you what is going wrong what went wrong and what you can do about it. With Shanthi Singh's Readings you discover who is involved, your enemies are revealed and the mystery is unraveled. For readings a photograph of yourself or any persons involved is required or a face to face visit. Skype readings are also an option and FREE!!!

Horoscope and Astrological Readings also available.

Indian Spiritualist Healing

Calling Of The Spirit Of Mother Kali
I am a Bakthi of the Powerful Indian Goddess Mother Kali. I have been gifted with her spirit to call upon through myself. Via appointment you can call the Spirit Of Mother Kali and ask questions you need answers to. However you need to be present to speak to the spirit. The spirit will reveal all, tell you what went wrong and what you will have to do about it.

Indian Spells And Rituals
Indian Spiritualism consists of powerful spells and rituals that turn the tide in your favor quickly. Spells come in the form of Powerful Indian Mantras that are taken from ancient Indian scripts that have been passed down over hundreds of years and many generations of my family. Powerful Rituals also taken from ancient scripts are available for all sorts of problems and ensure quick results.

Animal sacrifices of goats and sheep to Mother Kali ensure your victory. Regular offerings of fruit and milk to Powerful vegetarian Indian Deities bring powerful blessings which cleanse the soul and ensure your future is always positive, blessed and free of obstacles and problems.

Prayers And Offerings
These prayers are clean meaning they consist of purely vegetarian offerings. Milk, fruit and sweet meat offerings are offered to various Indian Deities. These offerings and prayers purify the soul filling yourself and life with blessings and a powerful positive energy. They clear your life of obstacles and bring you success in every endeavor.

Indian Traditional Healing

For Anyone

Indian Spiritualism, Traditional Healing and Psychic Reading knows no colour, racial or religious boundaries.

It is for anyone.

So whoever you are or whatever your colour, Nationality, religion or race, know that you are always welcome at Shanthi Singh. Shanthi Singh has a definite solution for you.

Spells, Rituals, Traditional Healing, Spiritualism, Psychic Reading etc.

Well, How Do They Work?

All of the above mentioned, and more, work only through people who have the gift that has ben bestowed upon them by the higher powers of creation. With the spiritualist gift I have received, I use readings, spells and rituals etc. To call upon the higher powers of creation to banish negativity in your life and crush obstacles in your path. Success is finally within your grasp.

Change your Destiny to your favour, bring to you your hearts desires. No obstacle is too great.