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Hi, my name is Shanthi Singh and I am an Indian Spiritualist, African Traditional Healer and Psychic Reader. I was born in Durban South Africa where it is always warm and sunny.

Since the age of 9 it was known by my elders that I had received the gift as a seer and the Spirit of a Powerful Indian Goddess, Mother Kali. It had been no surprise when my elders discovered my gift as it has been passed down through many generations of my family.

As a Seer and Reader I am rarely matched. There are only a rare few who can match my ability. By the age of 11 I became an apprentice to a powerful African Sangoma who realized my abilities and accepted me as her apprentice. Over the years I learnt African Traditional Healing. I learnt all about Traditional spells, rituals, how to make Traditional Medicines and how to call ancestors and speak to them. I also learnt to speak Zulu fluently.

At the same time I became a Bakthi of Mother Kali. It is my calling as I received the gift of the Spirit Of The Mother. I learnt all Indian Traditions as well as I went to school and completed my studies.

In the year 2008 at the age of 25 I decided I want to be a certified African Traditional Healer, so I went to a beautiful place in Cape Town called White Mountain where I studied all there was to learn about African Traditional Healing, for four years, and received a distinction certificate.

I now have 25 years of experience in Indian Spiritualism, African traditional healing and Psychic Reading and my clients regard me as unmatched.

Over the years through interaction and communication with various spiritualists around the world I learnt to, expertly, harness the power of witchcraft and the occult. At first I learnt spells and spellcasting, then spellbinding. Soon afterwards I began to weave and craft spells to suite a persons individual requirements. I am now an expert Spell weaver, Spell crafter and Spell binder.

I am now an expert at what I do and that is getting you what you want, your hearts desires.

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